24 Frames Per Second 8676216 language english dutch filipino language Namibia

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Love this movie. In my opinion, the African baby seemed the happiest. South west Africa political association SWAPO party. I donna why most people are haters these days, they try to make the whole world as one and wants people to let go of their cultures especially the US, they hat in on religion and culture and claim that its better to live like robots and with no history, such nonsense. 24 Frames Per Second 8676216 language english dutch filipino language namibie.

Botswana's neighbors in the style of Botswana

Beau ti ful movie! Too cut. @windywest11225. It's rated R for child nudity. Corruption in the Namibian Fishing Industry. Good shit! You needa teach me how to edit like this! 🙌.

Did many Boers flee to America to escape the British after the first and second Boer Wars

One of the best EVER/ SUCH A FEEL GOOD MOVIE- ONE OF MY TOP 10. TIL that Namibia auctioned off the rights to kill a rare black rhino for 350,000; the rhino was too old to breed and could've endangered other members of the herd. Please someone tell me where i can watch this pleaaaaase. This is Namibia, where desert meets water. Aww this looks so cute haha. Namibia. He plays rugby union for Namibia if you didn't know. Where can I watch this. Hi, me and my wife are planning a 2-3 weeks trip in Namibia next January. We would like take a more nature oriented journey. Which place do you suggest to consider in that season? What is better: join an organized tour or go by our own.

I really love this movie, and i miss this 💜💜

Saw this movie. Namibia, in the days of German colonization, once had a reasonably sized German population before coming under South African rule. What happened to them during WW2 and where were their attitudes and sympathies. Aww to cute. 24 Frames Per Second 8676216 language english dutch filipino language namibian.

[Namibia] BMW versus tractor. Why do they call it BABYS. The last scene got me in 😂😂😭... I run a subscription service where i deliver a new book on business and self help every month directly to your doorstep if you live in Windhoek. These are the books i think we as Namibians really need and that's why i'm so passionate about what i'm doing. Stores in the country usually don't have the best ones in stock, so i order them online. Directly message me or contact me at 0812784828 or [ if you want to sign up. Cheers. Tour in January. Germany's family party. Aww. I want to see this sooo bad. I'm contemplating a trip to Namibia in January? Will it be too hot? Rainy? Will I be able to see game? Is there a better time to go? Thanks.

I wish all Namibia will see this film strangle never loss hope. This is soooooo cute. I must watch! DudeTheScott: Piss off. You're pointless. I love history mahn. Cant wait☺☺. 24 Frames Per Second 8676216 language english dutch filipino language namibia. Loved this so much. so nice to see how different cultures raise their babies. No offence but guys this is not good it looks like it belongs to the Tutaleni show You guys can do better.



This movie has a lot of bad actors 😁😂. Saludos desde Veracruz México.Exelente. Namibia. Needed this was getting tired of watching hair videos and the music takes me there. This was SUCH a great movie! I love seeing how things are around the world, and this really was one of the things that sparked my interest in that topic! I would love seeing a day in the life of people from different countries, or different social groups, or different ages! If I were to rate it, I would give this a 10/10! I first found this on Netflix, but I think it was taken off, since I can't find it anymore. aw, well. Laur. What a waste of time to travel so far just to see that. boring.

Best action movie in Namibia. i like it man en where can i get it. SMK-DANCE.


Song is by Sufjan Stevens - The perpetual self, or What would Saul Alinsky do. This took me home. Aww to cute. @dmed312 and probably a baby coming out of a naked woman. Poor guys they have no idea what a bitch this life is... I really love this movie, and i miss this 💜💜.

3 people missed the like button or are just mean becuz THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE CUTEST THING EVER. How do you know. Everybody loves. BABIES - WTF? I hate babies: they always scream, cry, and shit. They're terror machines. Looks like RDJ in the thumbnail. Disgusting. Good shit! You needa teach me how to edit like this! 🙌. Kudos! Nice psychedelic soundtrack and engaging photography. Well done.

Min 6:14. it look like a heaven.


Home 🇳🇦. AHHHH IM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS, LISHEN. Excelente vídeo, muy profesional las tomas.





Nice to see wild animals roaming freely in their natural habitat and ecosystem... Lishennnn mann you too good. Waanzinnig leuk en heb tegelijk heimwee. I really love this movie, and i miss this 💜💜. We're traveling here in January! Stoked you got this on film. Made us so much more excited to go and make a video of our own there.

Sowas ähnliches hab ich auch erlebt. Ich habe die Skyline von New York gepuzzelt und habe mir so sehr gewünscht das mal mit eigenen Augen zu sehen. Und als ich dann ca. 1 Jahr später die Reise nach NY gebucht habe, habe ich im Internet versucht rauszufinden, von wo das Foto aufgenommen wurde und war tatsächlich erfolgreich. Das Gefühl, als ich dann genau an der Stelle stand war einfach unbeschreiblich. Die Idee mit der Pinnwand finde ich übrigens wahnsinnig gut, dann schaut man auch regelmäßig drauf und wird daran erinnert. Besser als seine Wunschliste nur auf einem Blatt Papier zu haben! Nehme ich mir sehr zu herzen die Idee.

Beautiful that's home alright.