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Bomber Boys Patrick Bishop




0:49 When someone asks me How is school going. I never knew my father as being young as he was 53 when i was born. however so grateful for a fateful accident that damaged hid eardrum and meant he was grounded from bomber command. He was a navigator then moved onto other things. Poignant and haunting film. It's a shame what the corrupt media did to this man. I'm glad his story will be told. Great stuff except the geography of Stalingrad on map was way out. Its nowhere near Leningrad 😉.

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I lived right next door to Miss Jewel for a couple of years when I was in Atlanta. She was such a sweet lady. It's absolutely heinous what the media did to her son; making him out to be a villain. THESE MEN WERE SENT TO THERE DEATH. My dad knew Richard Jewell, he ended up becoming a deputy sheriff here.


Online movie watch anonymously via vpn Bomber boys basketball. Talk about these men any chance you get. Keep them alive forever. Never let people forget... The world needs to know that superhero's are real. Hero's, All of them. Online movie watch anonymously via vpn Bomber boys club.



Absolute respect, I served 14 years in the RAF, I did my duty, but these guys were the hero's. Bomber Boys Look here Bomber,1280p., Watch Bomber Boys Online Let's'watch'Bomber'Boys'online'full. Horrible war tge greatest mistake of humsnitt. Looks like a parody trailer. I couldnt even imagine what those men felt that moment before they took the beach. The emotions and thoughts had to be unbearable.

17:32 trash talking in the lobby. This seems really over done. I hope they tone it down quite a bit before this thing is released. The brilliance of Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan was that the action seemed to be at a more realistic level and was balanced out by all the non-action character and plot development which made it all the more dramatic when there was action. Action scenes like this seem like they would belong in a movie more like the cinematic atrocity that was Pearl Harbor.


GREAT DOCUMENTARY! GOD BLESS THOSE YOUNG SOLDIERS AND WHAT THEY DID FOR US✌💪🇺🇸🇬🇧. He's the REAL Sgt Slaughter! amazing. The black plane is the strongest because it can say the n word.

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