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After the World War Two Defeat of Militaristic Japan. The Japanese Culture went to the Opposite Extreme of Pacifists. The New Japanese Military as the Japanese Defense Force were barely Tolerated. Most of Japan's World War Two History was no longer taught in Japanese Schools just like how Germany no longer taught any History about World War Two and made Nationalist Socialist German Worker's Party a Political Labor Union Party Symbols Illegal.
Japanese World War Two Combat Ships as cute "Fleet Girls" to bring the audience to have sympathy of inanimate objects (Japanese World War Two Warships)as anthropomorphism and or personification by being the "Fleet Girls" that have their own Human Emotions and Feelings.
By studying a Nation's Entertainment you can sometimes see that Nation's Values, Mores, Norms, Morality, Humanity, Standards, those things that they want, as well as their evil side, as Cultural Anthropology. Cultural Anthropology can be used as a Weapon, or to Enhance Military Capabilities against a Targeted Nation.
An example of others to Study and Learn from other Cultures was ever since Western Dictionaries included the Japanese Word "Sushi" in the English Language Collegiate Dictionaries (1800s) the English Definition of "Sushi" was "Raw Fish. With those doing this refusing to ask the Japanese that also Spoke Fluent English and or American English, as they would have been told that Sushi was the Rice that is used to pack and preserve "Raw Fish. Raw Fish" being "Sashimi.
Another Cultural Difference that costs lives, was at some Nations what Americans use as hand signals to stop, actually means come to me at other Nations. With Innocent Civilians not knowing this and U.S. and NATO Military Previously told this, the U.S. and NATO Military at a Checkpoint use the Stop hand signal because they cannot speak the local language, the Civilians keep approaching every time the hand signal to stop is used. The Civilians are then shot to death. Currently most Military I talked to were never taught the proper hand signal to stop or come to them, or the basic words of those Nations of Stop or Come Here. And will soon be Deployed to those Nations.



KanColle Wiki, Fandom. Yayayayayayay kako. Torpedo: Am I a joke to you. オープニングの大井と北上が手を繋いで回るところが一番好き. KanColle Wiki edited by Martirsadota 1 minute ago Friend Fleet/Fall 2019/Sandbox edited by がか 1 hour ago Akishimo/Equipment Bonuses created by EchoHolic 1 hour ago 6inch Twin Rapid Fire Gun Mount edited by NotRealLife 3 hours ago 8inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.9 mod.2 edited by NotRealLife 3.

Never have I seen an anime so full of fan service be so good. And is it intentional that Kongou shows up the instant s similar-sounding word pops up. I wanna play so bad. Though this movie is not as good as what I have expected, the TV version and the game is excellent. I had a very good plot and I do recommend everyone who likes this kind of movie to watch it. The Girl and Panzar is another show that has a similar world setting but that one is dealing with tanks.


Man if only the anime was just as intense as the op song. Hi Hiumann! Could you read the message that I sent you? thanks.


I like this anime and the music. No Sushi. Kantai Collection: Kan Colle Movie is a sequel to the first Kantai Collection anime series. Most of not all of the cast returns for this movie with some extra additions made as well. It's an action heavy movie that caters to fans of the series with it's expansive cast of popular characters from the game. 公開日の今日に艦これの映画見た人👍. I think there will be no season2 since The Abyssals disappeared in the movie. This will forever be my favorite op. This Anime Opening: exists Azur Lane: Write it down. 1:01 I love Shimakaze, shes so cute.

やばうますぎ!. KanColle the Movie, ANIPLUS. [Kancolle the Movie] สาวเรือรบ เดอร์ มูฟวี่" รีวิวจัดหนักจากผู้การตัวจริง. KanColle the Movie coming to theatres in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines! Movie info: For more of the latest anime series news, connect with u. Kancolle-movie-720 : Free Download - Internet Archive, KanColle: The Movie (2016. Popular Videos - KanColle: The Movie. KanColle Movie, KanColle Wiki, Fandom. KanColle the Movie - Trailer. Watch KanColle the Movie now on ANIPLUS. Fleet Girls Collection Movie Sequence. With the success of the MI Strategy, the headquarters sends the next fighting force towards the south. The battle area continues to increase as they attack the enemy base. With their new Naval base and the accumulation of battle experience, the Fleet Girls continue to come up with new strategies for their battles. Directed by Keizô Kusakawa. With Felecia Angelle, Bryn Apprill, Tia Lynn Ballard, Dawn Michelle Bennett. Animated film based of the video game series Kantai Collection. To the Internet Archive Community, Time is running out: please help the Internet Archive today. The average donation is 45. If everyone chips in 5, we can keep our website independent, strong and ad-free. Right now, a generous supporter will match your donation 2-to-1, so your 5 gift turns into 15 for us, The movie starts off in a night battle with Aoba, Kinugasa, Choukai Kai 2, Furutaka Kai 2, Kako Kai 2, and Tenryuu fighting off the abyssal fleet. After the battle, the fleet receives a kanmusu "drop" which happens to be the Kisaragi that sunk in the Kancolle Anime. After the battle, the kanmusus welcome back Kisaragi and have a party.

KanColle Movie screening in the Philippines (with Spoilers. It should of been like SEGA. At the biggening 👈👈😎. Hmm, looks like Fubuki's hair is going to be slightly longer. I wonder if we'll see Musashi join up with Yamato. And here I am still hoping for the German ships :T.

Woah choukai, and with her kai ni form too. too bad maya-sama isn't there