Wonderful Losers: A Different World Online Movie

Published on January 11, 2020, 2:37 am — Adult


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Cycling Motivation l This is Wonderful.
An unreal film about dependencies that is totally real! the best film on this theme in recent years.


Someone get her a ponytail...
Huge oscar bait.

We all love you Alan keep it up 👍🏻👍🏻btw you have inspired me to become a DJ when I'm older... Thanks alan your the best. 2013 promo was superb. It was like That's something the Tour de France can only dream about. But in 2014 you did the same thing. Exactly the same sort of movie. Voice of some video game wizard and the same sort of music, appearing in the same moment. And what's new for 2015? Nothing! PS. I would like to point out that I absolutely adore The Giro.






Anyone who was a teenager in the 80s seems to have strong memories about it. It was a youthful age, a time full of flavor and color, when plastic pop fakery distracted us from the darker undercurrents of the adult worlds climate. Teased hair, big earrings, neon clothes and jelly shoes endure in the lighter recesses of my own memories. A ton of other stuff is more background focus for me; Transformers, side ponytails, and orange bubblegum that smelled like soda in the sun, but I guess certain im. Reel to Real.