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*The following four-part-article was a collaborative effort. Although I wrote the text, the article and its hypothesis were developed and researched by a fellow German truther, nicknamed “Watson”, and myself as a team. What we present is the result of more than a month of excruciating research. Special thanks to HNBRY, for encouraging us when we thought we couldnt go on, and to the board of moderators for agreeing to read this in advance.* ampnbsp; ampnbsp. 6. All The Sheriff.

My Top Horror Films of the 2010s. John Wick's entire timeline from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3. MM20 Weekend Tournament. r/MaddenMobileForums. 20 "Overdrive Blitz" COMPETITIVE TOURNAMENT. Note that I have a neurological disorder that causes paralysis and seizures almost daily, just to add to the crazy. Three weekends ago my daughter (3) came down with what seemed like a UTI along with a fever. Took her to the hospital in AM, of course she refused to pee in a cup because she's three, she tried but was terrified. Nurses and docs were unhelpful. Finally they let us go home so she can pee in her potty and we get a small sample and return to the hospital. It ends up being negative.

Recently I had a friend ask for a list of "all the horror movies you're supposed to see" and so I wrote up a quick list for them. They also specified that they were not interested in older bampw films. I thought it was interesting to consider drawing up a list of these sort of movies, because the focus is not on horror literacy, but on the movies that people might commonly reference and talk about in day to day conversation. So no The Changeling or Alice Sweet Alice, and Nosferatu is out due.

I collapsed this evening after 3 weeks of hell. [Yesterday's thread] of_good_manliness_in_films/ was amazing; I thought it'd be useful to have an overview of all the films and tv shows that were suggested there, for when we need recommendations! I summarised other people's descriptions; I hope that's okay and I hope I did that correctly. If not, please let me know and I'll happily edit my post. None of this is my own, all credit goes to the people who participated in the thread and. * Alphabet. GOOG) announced on Tuesday that Sundar Pichai will take over as CEO as Larry Page and Sergey Brin both stepped down from their roles as CEO and President. It was a popular choice with Mr Pichai being seen as a safe pair of hands with a collaborative style. Expedia. EXPE) announced a C-Suite transition that was altogether less smooth with the resignation of both the CEO and CFO after a disagreement on strategy and disappointing Q3 results. The company's now ex-CEO Okerstrom h.

Feature Films Friday! We start the movies at 9 PM EST. New Sound Commands. discord. bones. howl, Follower Goal 2000 by Jan 1st!. @AP: RT @APEntertainment: Aaron Paul returns Friday as loudmouth Jesse Pinkman in “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.” The Netflix film follows Pinkmans attempts to rebuild his life while on the run.

[Part 4] just_moved_to_a_small_town_and_theres_something/ That night, as I made my way back home through the unnervingly quiet street, I became increasingly aware of eyes on me. There was no one outside out in the open, but I was sure at one point that I saw someone peeping from their window. I tried to act as naturally as possible without arousing suspicion. When I entered my house, I locked all doors and double-checked the windows to make s.



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