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Published on January 20, 2020, 8:57 am — Adult

The Little Engine That Could


Incredible... why did they put the 1991 Universal logo. Love this review, very entertaining and funny. If you ever deside to do a compairison with this version and the 2011, I can happily list quite a few similarities. Le petit train bleu lyon. NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONOMONONONONOMNONONO. When is it due to be released. I had a feeling you would mention the CGI version.

Peter Cullen also voiced the cave

I watch when it was the last day in school and i was in TK. Le petit train bleu film. My 3-year-old son loves this film and I enjoy watching it with him. I absolutely love the music and wish the soundtrack was released on iTunes. It's an all around great movie for adults and children to enjoy together. It offers a great message of overcoming and resiliency, a message all children need to hear. All families should enjoy this movie. There are a few scary parts but my 3-year-old son handles it exceptionally well and it's necessary to the plot.

Le petit train bleu. God, it's been forever since I've seen this movie. @TheDarkBrick haha you need to be the highest rated comment. @ThatFellowCoat missoliverandblossom. Le petit train bleu marine. Le petit train bleu musique. The lil engine sounds like a girl. Why does the train have freaky-ass segmented crab eyes.

Kath Soucie is one of my all-time favorite voice actresses! I even made a tribute video of her

The trailer is misconceving. I love the 1991 version so much. If I have children I will show that one to them not this one. There is an old saying that goes, If it ain't broke don't fix it. The original book predates Thomas the Tank Engine by 40 years. The first movie of The Little Engine That Could is from 1991. This version, however, manages to take some of the worst parts of the first film, as well as truly abysmal CGI to skillfully ruin a great book for the sake of. something. Not money, as this is definitely not going to return the initial investment for so much CGI work and big-ish name voice actors.

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Why does the train have freaky-ass segmented crab eyes. The Little Engine That Could.


This is still the best version of the little engine that could, everything else is inferior. lol. My Despicable Me DVD Has That Trailer. IWANNASEETHISSOBADOMGOMGOMG.

Sorry, it is there. Problem with my audio

Will you please do a review of Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas? I wanna hear your opinion of it. I never noticed this as a kid, but none of those steam engines have tenders, and they dont look like tank engines, they shouldn't even be running lol. Shiny passenger train is my favourite.


Glad you enjoyed the review, Logan, and thanks for the comment. This is better than the old one. @mrtrainboy97 Dude, I was being funny, YOU chill out. 15:30 Pete: I am a very important engine and I won't pull the likes of you. Gordon: Hey, that's my line. I Like That. Cool song movie. nice one!😄😃😀☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😉😍. If I were Tillie I wouldve told the tower. “Well if I cant than the birthday train doesnt delivered and its all your fault”. sick burning him with insults like that would probably work. Classic and legendary.



The Little Engine That Could
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Smiles 1 the little engine - Duration: 5:13. 🇬🇧Teachers of English 🇬🇧 84,117 views. When Little Engine (Alyson Stoner, Cheaper by the Dozen) must leave Dreamland to deliver toys into the real world, she sets her fears aside and learns that with a little determination and courage, anything is possible. Featuring an all-star cast, including Whoopi Goldberg (The View) Jamie Lee Curtis (Freaky Friday.


The Little Engine that Could is a 1991 animated direct-to-video short film directed by Dave Edwards and co-produced by Edwards and Mike Young, animated at Kalato Animation in Wales and co-financed by Universal Studios through their MCA/Universal Home Video arm and S4C, Wales' dedicated Welsh-language channel. Te h Little Engine that Could Piper, Watty Chug chug chug. Puff puff puff. He little rain ran along the tracks. She was a happy little train. Her cars were full of good things for boys and girls. There were all kinds of toy animals. Giraffes with long necks, teddy bears with no necks, and even a baby elephant. There were all kinds of dolls.