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Cheerful, underrated comedy about psychics served as a showcase for pop singer Cyndi Lauper (in her acting debut. She's a comic natural playing Sylvia Pickel, an unlucky-in-love single gal whose "psychic guide" leads her into the arms of fellow clairvoyant Jeff Goldblum (in possibly his smoothest comic performance to date. Both have been duped by con-man Peter Falk into finding a lost city of gold in Ecuador, and for the most part "Vibes" is a funny, knockabout journey with witty vignettes scattered about. The last-act drags its feet, but the script is full of great exchanges and a wonderful scene on the dance floor between the two stars. Lots of amusing one-liners, such as my favorite from Goldblum after Elizabeth Peña disrobes: Parts of me are already applauding. out of.

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U FORGOT SOMETHING. THE LOST WORLD! part where RV goes off the cliff Must increase rate of climb. Did anyone actually GET this joke? It's like the one with the turtle & frog in the bathtub together. The frog asks, Please pass the soap. the turtle answers, What do I look like, a typewriter.

Finds a way is one big pile of s* t me to thank John for the lovely weekend

You were so preoccupied to think if you could, that you never stopped to think if you should My favorite Jeff Goldblum moment.

That was a minute and thirty five seconds of my life Ill never get back

I've always had a bit of a crush on him lol. We'll the younger Jeff. She's like Harley Quinn. We got jewed. What the fuck just happened? Cyndi Lauper was my very first concert* at Poplar Creek, in Illinois 1984. The fedora was made from the hair of a shaggy dog. She also pulled this joke on Johnny Carson but with a japanese guy telling the joke in japanese. When you say things to yourself, do you use that voice? Well, that was a shitty thing to ask. I happen to love that voice.

Dumb joke.

The way she says salt water taffy is sooo freaking adorable

She would be so fun to chill with, I love her







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