Fmovies Mosaic

Published on December 30, 2019, 11:46 pm — Music





I almost did not watch Mosaic after reading the comments here and finding a quite poor review by numbers.
However, Mosaic managed to suprise me postively - Soderbergh's superb directing style with great dogma experiments and complex story drive you into a deep murder mystery. There is something from Lynch and Nolan but finally it is a real auteaur film (yes more a film than a tv serie) by Soderbergh. It is also more than a murder mystery as one can figure out from the great ending. This gives away some of the story if you haven't seen it.
Good acting. Slow at the beginning until the murder takes place. The answer to the murder. it shows you possible scenarios but doesn't tell you definitively did it. Also, MOSAIC. it shows an art store at the end of the series by this name, tied to the murder doesn't really make the connection as to why the series had this as a title.