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* Electronic Music] Darksynth] Synthwave] Cyberpunk. The Uncanny Valley. is cyberpunk in musical form. A concept album that tells an (almost) wordless story, which is best summarised by the artist himself: >Tokyo - 2112 A.D. >Neon glyphs flash across the alley - blinking kanji. Hues of garish pink and red emerge, language of the night. Your android partner: a deadly weapon, just like you. Shes draped in the radiance, we. I've been waiting for this film for ages and I really thought I had it, but my legs were shaking watching it this past weekend. I don't think I've ever felt more fully present or engaged watching a film. It's magnificent. Now please be done Alex. It's enough.

Le song est lourd mais le coté sataniste non merci

Such a powerful and moving film. One of a kind. Question,Answer. What is 'Power Drive 2000. Power Drive 2000 is a fully funded Kickstarter project. The game is an arcade racer set in the year future! Get behind the wheel of a technologically advanced space-age sports car and tear it up as you battle to become A-number-1! The game features many unique and thrilling game modes set in a 1980's cinematic scf-fi world and boasts a totally radical Synthwave soundtrack! It also has a talking car. When was this game. Did you know that there's ”TURBO KILLER — MAKING OF —“ from Seth Ikerman exist with 40k views? it's another masterpiece. You should get richer than Justice, Kavinsky, and Daft Punk put together. Official /r/ListenToThis Best Of 2015 - 600+ hours of the best overlooked music from the last year.

Level list Megathread.


韓国で人狼を何回実写化するんだ 純粋にハリウッドでやって欲しいわ.






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