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Published on January 14, 2020, 2:55 am — Musical

Croatia Syria: Country at the Crossroad



Got me tearing up at the end man. RIP Konstandinos, and all other heroes who've laid down their lives for others. Thank you for sharing their story Emile, thank you very much. Where's the 28 full minute report. Fantastic work. Thanks for your hard work out there Mr. Ghessen. Watched this at school. و في النهاية المتطوع خالد استشهد أثناء إسعاف المدنيين In the end Khaled was killed while saves lives of the civilians.


Im just here because of Modern Warfare. Thank you. Supporters of the Assad regime have been sending the video link to other pro-Assad people and instructing them to leave negative comments here. Their comments do not bother me, I am glad that they are able to express themselves on here. 1:55 no comment. شفناه بمهرجان بغازي عنتاب بسينما بتمنى يعرض على التلفاز او اليوتيوب⚘❤.


You tell 'em sister. Love from Libya. I used this video in my project last year, i thank my friend who showed me this. It's so sad to know that this is happening! May God bless all syrians! MEXICO SUPPORTS SYRIA! saludos x. When did Netflix become a straight up propaganda outfit? You guys started off so well. What a shame. All that potential lost. Remember US approved net neutrality benefiting netflix. This gave me goosebumps. This is one of the best documentaries that I've watched in a very long time. I hardly think the rebels represent god. more like gehenna. Quiero ver este gran documental. Yep, this is just brilliant! Just watch it, there's so much to learn from this.

ITunes. Go to fight Isis? Comes back, gets arrested. Go to fight with/for Isis. Comes back gets acceptance... Heck, have some free housing and money too! wth Europe. I hope all the rats in the video get skinned soon XD. Some men just have the urge to rid the world of evil. They're Avengers.




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