Directed By Steven R. Monroe End Of The World To Macos X Get 148

Published on January 4, 2020, 12:59 am — Adult


End of the World




Caught this flick while channel surfing. The plot of this movie is that a video shop owner and his co-worker, who are Syfy fan boys of apocalyptic movies, try to save the earth from certain apocalyptic doom. I found this premise to both funny and original. I actually found myself rooting for these guys. Dialogue was't as bad as most and the action was steady through out the film. The special effects were OK. Most importantly, the film kept my attention. Normally movies on Syfy are so low budget and bad I can barely watch a few seconds before changing the channel. Really wish Syfy would up their game with more quality films. There would be more Syfy fans tuning in and there are quite a lot of us.







POOP CGI POOP DISLIKE. I sobbed very hard in the end. What about geostorm and San Andreas. Nothing beats Dante's Peak imo. Who else came because they saw Jonathan from Stranger Things in the thumbnail. 1:50 get to the safe zone its the storm. End of the world. Is it just the two of them, where's everybody. That last trailer. OH MY GOD. I can't believe there actually making a sequel to the first Pacific Rim it brought a tear to my eye.

How it ends truly left me thinking: wtf this is how it ends. Great series. I watched the whole thing in one sitting like a right loser. Ohh My Good Umm Someping The Disaster Now Great Here Look out the giant Tsunami Umm Now Here Look That Tsunami Great. Guys game is a hoax amazon sent me black ops 3 wOuld lose social life again. 2019 is still alive. Only God knows the end of the world.






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