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Watch Cool Cat Saves the Kids, Prime Video. Cool Cat Saves The Kids - The Search For The Worst - IHE. The pure genius of this film may not be apparent at first, but if you look closely, dig deeper, and analyze the movie on a deeper level, you will see the wonderful, life changing message, which I do not want to reveal here, for it is best experienced by yourself. This movie's pure, honest, truthful approach to filmmaking is something to discover individually. The film's use of Comic Sans, low quality sound, and it's modest production values further emphasize it's genius, and it puts forth that it is a diamond in the rough, a true, underrated masterpiece. The movie's acting is stellar, clearly the best in the history of film. With timeless characters such as Butch The Bully and Cool Cat himself driving the plot of the movie, it is no wonder why it is such a success. Don't forget about the marvelous acting talents of Vivica A Fox and Erik Estrada which enhance the moviegoer's experience. They utter such classic lines as "There 'e is" and "That kid kicked sand in Cool Cat's face! which will not be soon forgotten.

Cool Cat Saves the Kids is a 2015 children's anti-bullying movie written and directed by Derek Savage, based on his children's book series titled Cool Cat and is. Cool Cat teaches kids how not to be bullied and how to have fun together. Patreon: Twitch: Merch: Donate. Cool Cat Saves the Kids is a 2014 direct-to-DVD film, directed by Derek Savage. It stars Jason Gray, Derek Savage, Vivica A. Fox, and Eric Estrada. It is not rated. Cool Cat Saves the Kids - Awful Movies Wiki.


TORRENT Cool Cat Saves the. In Hollywood, California, Cool Cat, alongside his human father Daddy Derek, embarks on his most challenging journey yet: saving the kids from Butch the Bully.


WATCH MY INITIAL REACTION ▻ Facebook. Let it be known that Cool Cat Saves The Kids is not only a huge landmark for films, but possibly the best motion picture in the history of cinema. Watch Cool Cat Saves the Kids Online Vodlocker… {Cool,Cat,Saves,the,Kids,movie,watch,online,fmovies}… Torrent Cool Cat Saves the Kids. Cool Cat Saves the Kids is a 2015 direct-to video educational film directed by and starring Derek Savage, a man who once posed for Playgirl magazine and.



4.2/ 5stars