Published on January 3, 2020, 3:12 am — Music



Dont make me drink alone, dont make me drink alooooooone! 😂😭 Cant wait to go see this. They were a little late with their April fools day joke. That mister mime scene 😂😂. I took my kid to see this on Saturday, it was so dope 💯 the music made it 10x more intense. My kid's impression of 1:15 is so on point too 😂😂😂 Jordan Peele is a fucking genius! Any and every movie that man writes, directs etc I'm going to go see.

What already. I come back to this just to get goosebumps. Didnt like this movie. I just watched coz of Ronnie 😍.


Feels weird hearing Pikachu say “GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE !” when all you heard him say growing up was pika pika. Ladies do not start fights but they can finish them. Captain Marvel is trash. FINALLY! A real good movie. Thanks God. Movie critics: Can anything really be worse than Fred: The Movie? Cats: observe. The real horror is being a white farmer in South Africa but you dont see that in the movies... كيف كذا يشتغل في بوفيه والسياره الي معه اغلا مني. Paedophile with multiple personalities. most original screenplay goes to...

Beautiful film, I just watched it today. Jordan Peele is one of the most talented screenplay writers of the last decade.


1:42 Pikachu uses poop.