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How to Not Die, a Warframe guide.


31 matches in 31 days, day 18: Tessa Blanchard vs. Mercedes Martinez in a 75-minute Iron Woman match for the Phoenix of RISE Championship, RISE 10 - INSANITY, October 19, 2018. This will, for now, be the last in my "How To Use X As Your BBEG" series, and I found it only fitting that I would focus on the explicitly human sort of BBEG. And as comes with the human kind of bad guy, this will be a double-length post because of the sheer breadth of this topic. And hey, if you're interested - I've done a whole three other posts about Dragons, Liches and Beholders as BBEGs respectively. Links to them are at the bottom of this post, and if that tickles your fancy do check them.





Why doesnt this have more views. Its an epic song. All i can think of is the paper dragon boys. Here be dragons short story. Here were dragons might be an official death of our fantasy world, which is replaced by responsibilites and work. That's truly sad, but that's how adluthood looks like. Here be dragons rpg.

Damn all those ninjas and their onions

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This is the sadest Scp story that i ever seen. R.I.P Little Dragons.I Hope they find a new fantasy

Nine tailed fox me:Nah Nine flying dragons me:Ye. That is an incredibly well spoken man. I loved everything he said and his stunt was hilarious. Here be dragons skeptoid. More please. Here be dragons flo ota de lange. I came here for the weird and crazy I stayed for the wholesome depression. I'm getting George Carlin vibes. Last time I was this early Jon was still doing Orwell. Here Be Dragons Link…. Here be dragons on maps. Used to be a april fools joke. not anymore.

Listening to this song make me Relax I Love it. Here be dragons. Here be dragons band. I think jon would be good at d&d. So you're telling should Imagine Dragons. All because people don't believe in dragons anymore. So sad. Here Be dragon ball z. Can we try some dicey dungeons. This is one of my favourite scp. I want to pet his beard.